Butterfly Brain by Barry Cryer
Butterfly Brain by Barry Cryer

51 years in comedy taught Dad that this was the best pose to strike on the jacket of your new book of anecdotes. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Christmas is coming and the shelves are getting fat with (stocking shaped) autobiographies. Butterfly Brain (by the old fella) is available as a portable self contained compartmentalised copy that is downloadable to your shelf. In other words, it’s in hardback. And it’s in shops. Now.

I take a slightly keener interest in this one as I helped edit some of the material. I told him to get rid of all the diagrams, for a start. After all, who better to judge the copy? His family have heard the anecdotes so many times, they’re practically like old friends. Slightly abusive and flirty friends but friends none the less. So hopefully you’ll admire some of the impeccably lean sentence structure as well as laugh at the stories. In that order, please.


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