So you think you know everything there is to know about the World Cup in 2010? Yes? Really? Well, think again. After listening to this 24 carat piece of banter from me and my mate Tony Wrighton, you’ll be wishing that they now play the tournament all over again, just so you can enjoy it with the benefit of our insight. Be warned, football will never be the same again. Just click on the MASSIVE World Cup logo to tune in. I urge you to listen to all of the podcast but if you’re just after the unbridled apogee of factual poetry that is me and Tone, then my bit’s at 19 mins in. Honestly, listen to it all (but get ready at 19 mins). Did I mention that my bit’s at 19 mins? Yes? Good. But do listen to all of it (from about 19 mins in). Click away, sports fans…

Oh go on then… my bit’s here, seeing as you won’t stop going on about it. Honestly:

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