An Epithalamium

My love will dawn tomorrow – so they said

Cupid was a text ping ringtone cell phone

My cherubs sang an inbox flagged with red

Yet my revolution had been postponed

My love was locked in Buffalo, diverted

Shuffled in a slush piled Devil’s Island

The swim to freedom’s ticker tape was red

Parallel Forty Two through Nine’s trump hand

My love should be a song by someone else

“A stranger in an open car” – who’s that?

Love assumed a white, white rose dressed red

Long tumbled from the way you wore my hat

My love will dawn tomorrow so they said

Soft. Miming. Mute. As in your arms I stay

Border gone, Prison free, lyric read

Tomorrow in its haste o’erleaped Today

For Jenny Hayden & Lisa Roman on the occasion of your wedding at the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse, Toronto with love from your devoted friends Bob, Suzannah, Hope, Martha & Constance Cryer on the 15th July 2011.

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