I’ve never loved anyone like this before

A nail circles my heart with a trail

Gliding pocketed vale reaching ragged lapel

Buttoning down dance floors and collaring cliffs

Scratch swamping painted paper crags

Toothed ragged by each missing missive

Watered wet with lost lust and tears of confusion

The vanguard fires its final shot

Stuffing a note into the cleavage of my fist

Cut out my heart and keep it

A trembling thumb carves your traceless brow

Both drowning sweat damped but dry now

Fire blinked and still born choked vows

Unfurl limp palms that spring forth new

Battalions of paper soldiers fluttering steps

Stuttering down towards the hearth’s roar

Scrabbling each for dear life armed brothers in

Kind and warriors, lovers, strangers and friends

Cut out my heart and keep it

An ember lit firing squad caught on the mantle

The paper chain peppered with shots to the chest

Heart scattered confetti cry hiss in the ash

Sash window blown chills from an open door

I’ve never loved anyone like this before

Performed at THE CABIN, Brighton on the 20th April 2012

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