On the 5th November, whilst the rest of the country were gathered around bonfires snaffling sausage rolls to the sound of whizzing and banging, a few brave men and women assembled at RADA Studios in Chenies Street to record two radio shows in front of a few even braver men and women. Mrs Hudson’s Radio Show is based on the book that my father and I wrote about the extra curricular activities of Sherlock Holmes’s landlady, Mrs Hudson’s Diaries (see what we did there?). As you can see from the picture, we had a terrible time. The results of this jaunt can now be heard this Sunday, the 2nd of December and the following Sunday, the 9th of December on Radio 4 (where else?), just after the Archers at 7.15pm. Huge thanks to the brilliant production team of Jerry Peal (sound engineer), Ned Chaillet (producer), Ben Walker (producer), Lizzie Davies (producer) and Jill Waters (executive producer). I hope you enjoy Mrs Hudson’s Radio Show!


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