What happens when Jesus tires of the celebrity circus… Bob Cryer 2019

Here’s a short film I made over the summer, with the considerable help of family and friends (there was no budget). I shot it on location in London, UK and Ontario, Canada, which sounds more glamorous than it was because I live near the former and was holidaying in the latter. It was shot on my Panasonic GH4 with just the 14-140mm kit lens and a Rode Videomic Pro. I edited it myself on FCPX but had considerable (technical) help and advice from a number of people that I would like to thank below. I hope you enjoy it – please send me your thoughts, either here or on the usual channels.


The Company

Bob Cryer
Suzannah Cryer
Austin Caley
Jason Thorpe
Alec Christie
Martin Miller


Alex Newman
Gavin Farlie
Hayes Carll
Jack Cryer
Steve Noyce
Matt Hodgson
Mark Allen

Richard & Nancy Titley
Matty Lee Redman
David Gritzman
Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen
James Burke Dunsmore

John & Johanna Schwartz and everyone at Soapbox Communications

And Lisa Cawthorne, Gareth Pugh, Ben Hull & Simon Killick!


“She Left Me For Jesus”
Hayes Carll


“Ease My Pain”
Jack Cryer & Steve Noyce
Performed by The Kites


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