Welcome to my website, where you can find all my latest news, some examples of my work and who to contact if you’d like me to repeat that kind of work for you.

I hope enjoy your time here. Don’t forget to put things back where you found them, close all the windows (the one in the back room is slightly overpainted but if you lift and slide, then… oh, you’ll get the hang of it), put some fresh water in the fish tank and leave the key under the mat. I’ll see you in the bar afterwards.

“Take the work seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously”.

I’ve been acting and writing for twenty odd years (mostly odd) and I still don’t know who it was that said this first (there are many who claim to) but it is as close to a maxim as I’m prepared to publish. Failing that, Michael Simkin’s advice to a young actor in “What’s My Motivation?” is “It’s not fair and don’t be late…”.

Go brave!

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