Peacock & Bull (Copyright Ian Bass 2010)

It gives me great pleasure to announce my new sitcom, Peacock and Bull. Written by and featuring myself and my writing partner, Mark Paterson, it also stars Alex Lowe, Emma Paterson, Amy Darcy and a promising young stand up called Barry Cryer. The artwork is supplied by the brilliant Ian Bass.

It’s largely set in an insurance investigators in North London and focuses on the relationship between buttoned down ex-copper Steve Bull and his new partner, the highly paranoid conspiracy machine Richard Peacock. It’s a marriage made in hell as the two men begin to investigate an alien abduction claim. It turns out to be just the first in a series of bizarre case files. Insurance just got interesting. We really enjoyed doing it and are already starting work on episode two – so stay tuned.
You’ll also be pleased to know that it’s already doing well in the download
chart and it was featured as an Editor’s pick in Audible’s comedy section today. You can download it here. Please leave a review on iTunes or drop me a line here at the website.

Peacock & Bull: The truth is out there, but who’s going to pay for the damage?

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