I’ve wanted to set up a home voice over studio for a while now but have never quite found the time or even the opportunity. Obviously, the current situation, has presented me with an abundance of both. So, with a space cleared in my office, I set about looking for the right materials. As luck would have it, a local production company was selling off a couple of video booths they’d used for conferences and, after a little haggling, on Wednesday the panels arrived.

Given the booth was a little bigger than I needed for the office (it would’ve dominated the space and blocked out most of the daylight) and I’m always a sucker for a building project, a little customising was required. I’d’ve worn a mask too, but where can you get one of those these days!

So, there you have it. Soundproofed, plugged in, online and ready to record. Primarily, the space has been created so I can continue my professional voice over work at home, whilst we wait for some kind of normality to return to life. However, I’m also keen to record some of my own writing as well; stories, poems and monologues to try and explore new ideas. For example, there’s a children’s story I’d like to release soon as an audiobook, so watch this space!

If you have any suggestions or requests, just drop me a line. Growing up the son of a radio legend, means that I really love working on audio projects and would be happy to discuss any collaborations you might have in mind. After all, everyone’s got a podcast now, right?

For professional enquiries, please talk to Mags at Babble (see below):

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